big bear lake morning, 2002 - photograph 34.875w x 6.375 - All rights reserved - copyright (c) 2002-2015 Michael Ragsdale

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"Big Bear Lake Morning" is an image taken just at sunrise in January of 2001 from the north side of the lake.  The outside temperature was eighteen degrees and the wood smoke hung over the town of Big Bear Lake like a warm blanket.  The lake surface was calm with only long wakes from birds landing and taking off.  The windows in the houses had the reflection of the mountains behind me making me think at first that the lights were on in most of the houses.  Later I realized that the sun just over the hills in front of me made the hills behind me glow with a golden light which warmed the shadows in the trees on the lake.  This image has been very well accepted and has become very popular with the local community of Big Bear.  It has sold well framed in rustic wood and matted and signed only as well. 

I used a section of it on the cover of the 2003 Phone Book/ Resort Directory  with some local Bald Eagles and it was also featured inside the Chamber of Commerce Big Bear Valley Map printed over Fifteen inches long.  Between these two publications alone there are over 50,000 impressions of it circulating somewhere.